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Beast Mode League

By TheAdmiral
10/25/2021 11:25 am
Anyone interested in taking a brand new team, using the 4.6 engine to see how the new engine handles dispersal drafts.

The League will open for business when I have 32 confirmed Owners, thereby everyone has a chance of getting the #1 draft pick. I'm anticipating a start around the 10th November (tbc). As with all dispersal drafts it will be 46 rounds (over 6 days) in a Snake style format.

The League will have no trade meter for it's initial season and as long as trading is not abused by this rule, I anticipate the rule will remain going forward.

I have 15 confirmed owners so far and have started working on team logos and colour schemes. I'm open to changing team names providing it stays within the theme of the League and each representative division.

Any questions, or if you'd like a team either pm me or reply on the thread linked below