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Canton Times report - Canton Crush in Turmoil

By coachgdub
4/12/2018 9:45 pm
After a hot start, the Crush just experienced their 3rd loss in a row. The players and coaching staff are bickering amongst each other and Coach Gdub has vowed to turn things around. Coach Gdub is quoted as saying he’s not happy with the play calling and is taking over the play calling duties and stated that a coaching change is not out of the question.

The defense is giving up big plays and the offense is not executing up to expectations, so expect to see changes immediately according to coach Gdub.

The game planning seems to be off and the second half adjustments are not good according to many league insiders. One insider stated, that they need to get the play-makers the ball more and stop being a balanced offense as play-makers make plays.

Regarding the Defense, it’s not aggressive and sits back and is getting picked apart according to new Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins. Dawkins stated that the secondary has talent but is lacking on execution and stated they need to mix in a little more zone to throw the opposing QB off balance.