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Reno Marauders

By Otterpop
7/09/2017 1:09 pm
The Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders are pleased to announce that the Reno Marauders will serve as the development team in the EFL.

Reno Marauders will play their home games in the newly built Sierra Nevada Coliseum located in the Midtown District. And will feature many high-tech amenities while keeping to old-time charms that "The Biggest Little City in the World" has to offer to the Marauder Fans and to all of RaiderNation.

Team Owner Otterpop is committed to building future Raiders in the manner that the late great Al Davis would be proud to call a RAIDER!!!!

Season begins in just a few days and the Excitement is just beginning

Re: Reno Marauders

By Otterpop
7/13/2017 9:16 pm
We are just hours away from the Marauders first ever draft in the Elite Football League. So while we wait and let us meet the owner and the Coaching Staff.

Owner Otterpop, real name Jeff. While waiting for his better half while she shops Jeff places $20.00 in a Lucky Lady Mega Slot Machine and a few minutes later and 6 Wild Lucky Ladies later Jeff found himself an instant multi Millionaire. Unlike some Jeff took his new found wealth and began his career in various forms of investments opportunity. With the acceptation of the Elite Football League, Jeff is once again gambling on his love of football and quickly purchase the rights to the Reno Marauders in honor of his mother favorite NFL team the OAKLAND RAIDERS.

Head Coach Mark Hoss This former offensive lineman comes to the Marauder via Division III college football where he won 3 Division III Championships. Mark is known for his love offense and is not afraid to play smashmouth football but he is quickly proving he can air it out to keep his opponents honest.

Offensive Coordinator Winston Burgess was a longtime NFL receiver and has taken his knowledge of the passing game and transition quite nicely into an offensive guru. Winston coaching began in his hometown high school but he has had many stops including Division I College game, Arena League and a season in the NFL. This will be Winston first stint as an offensive coordinator and he promises to help his defense by keeping them off the field.

Defensive Coordinator Jose Johnson is a lifetime football coach. He has coached at every level of football. His love for the defensive side of the game is unmatched. There is nothing more important than teaching "his boys" how to hit the opponent and knocking that rock out of the ball carriers hand. Known for his 3-4 defense innovations throughout his career Jose believes he can bring the same innovations to the vast defensive playbook.

Quarterback Coach Tyrone Acosta this one-time journeyman QB has spent time in NFL Europe, both Arena and Indoor Football, and finally retiring after 1 season in the Canadian Football League. Tyrone is best known for his ability to look off his opponents before hitting his receiver with pinpoint accuracy Tyrone lack of height hampers what could have been a great career. Tyrone never allow this ever hold him back. His love for the game, his teammates, and his intelligence allowed him to mentor several championship level quaterbacks.

Backfield Coach Bruce Reese is yet another career football coach on the Marauder Staff. Bruce is a master of none but brings a lot to the staff. Bruce has coached at every level of football and has coached every position at one time or another. Marauder running backs will learn a lot while under Bruce's tutelage.

Offensive Line Coach Howard Vines Howard the one time NFL lineman is best known for his after game partying and once was involved in a barroom brawl that sent several former Kanas City Chiefs to the hospital. All that has changed though Howard is a family man and loves to teaching the discipline of blocking to his linemen. Howard offensive linemen are known for perfection but with the attitude of toughness and meanness.

Receiver Coach Jerome Jaggers was best known for making the infamous catch in 1986 Rose Bowl. After one year in the NFL Jerome found himself looking for a new career. Jerome love for football led him into coaching for a long time in his hometown of Cave Spring in the state of Georgia. Now 51 Jerome wants to teach young receivers the art of catching the rock. A nasty Injury took his dream away but he will not let the dreams of others fade.

Tight End Coach Brandon Wittman this one time Billing Montana coach comes into teach the tight ends the art of running routes and how to knock the snot out of anyone that dares to stand in front of them. Brandon helped lead his beloved Bronc's to several high school championships and is ready to take his game to the next level.

That is your offensive coaches Marauder fans tomorrow we will talk about the Marauders Defensive Coaches.

Marauder Fans who do you believe will be the First Overall Pick of the Marauders. Stay tune we are only a few hours away
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Re: Reno Marauders

By Otterpop
7/15/2017 5:45 am
Now lets talk about the coaches on the defensive side of the ball. The Marauders have several young coaches who are eager to teach what they have learned while playing pro ball.

Defensive line Coach Scott Fullmer had a stellar 12-year career in the CFL. This Alexander, Virgina native was best known for the ability to plug up the line so his linebackers had the freedom to make the tackle. Scott did have as many as 7 sacks in one season and ended his career with 63 sacks.

Linebacker Coach Russell Chambliss spent a total 15 years playing offensive line/linebacker for several arena leagues where he lead his team in tackles and pancakes. Russell has a strong mind and will excel in teaching the linebackers on the fine art of stopping the run game.

Secondary Coach Bryan Johnson is a former Strong Saftey from Omaha, Nebraska is just 1 year removed from his playing days. Bryan was known for punishing players who dared to come across him. Bryan will bring that attitude to the Marauders secondary and will teach them the art of the hit to part the rock from their opponent.

Speical Team Coach Richard Denis just recently retired from CFL. This former Punter from DePaul University is ready for the new chapter of his life. His knowledge of the kicking game will be a tremendous asset to the team.

There you have Marauder Nation the 2017 Coaching staff.

Next up some draft analysis stay tune
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Re: Reno Marauders

By Otterpop
7/16/2017 8:24 am
The Early Morning Report Brings you the Marauders Draft pick by pick analysis.

With the Marauders first pick in team history the Marauders went with Defensive Tackle Chad Curran from Lane College. This kid is gifted genetically. He played both inside and out, but he runs hot and cold. ... I've had an awful lot of coaches say if we can unlock the potential in this kid, we can have something special. Coach Jose Johnson has always done a great job of taking these types of guys and getting the best.

Second Round Pick Quarterback Antony Powers from Flordia State. Antony is a big-time gunslinger like Brett Favre. He's got the athletic ability. He's best when the lights are brightest. That's the biggest compliment you can give a quarterback.

Third Round Pick Center Randy Davis from Plymouth Indiana is smart. He gets up to that second level which you need at the center position. This is going to fortify the Marauders in the inside.

Fourth Round Pick Strong Saftey Edward Rivera from Southern California. He brings explosive energy in the locker room. All-pro ability all day long. If he stays healthy he will be the best."

Fifth Round Pick Middle Linebacker Rex Graham another player from Southern California. He's got the physical traits. He's a tough kid. He's today's NFL inside linebacker. He can run. He can stay in the game on third down, which I think is critical in for linebacker.
This kid is an absolute "Beast."

Sixth Round Pick Right Tackle Kelvin Shipley from Stanford "He plays with a nasty edge, his football IQ has will continue to develop. He's a technician and a day-one starter on the right side. Kelvin talent as a tackle, he can play and make his opponents day a miserable one.

Seventh Round Pick Outside Linebacker David Jackson from Michigan He's an immediate impact player. Sideline to sideline, he will light you up

Eighth Round Pick Left Guard James Hoyos from Tennessee "This is a mountain of a man. ... He's got the length and an ability to play anywhere inside or out. No matter where he plays he is going to be the defensive player nightmare when they come up against him.

Ninth Round Pick Defensive End Leland Baskin from Arkansas He's got get-off the end burst. All-pro ability all day long. Now if he can harness his anger and bring it to the game he will be unstoppable.

Tenth Round Pick Defensive Tackle James Cordle from South Carolina State is a lean interior presence, the 6-1, 296-pounder is dangerous-athletic to go along with the strength to handle himself inside against the power running games. While he looks the part, and he’s been hyped up out of high school, he didn’t really play like it at South Carolina which lead him to leave and enroll at South Carolina State. He needs a lot of work, if he wants it and willing to work hard he will be one of the best tackles.

Eleventh Round Pick Outside Linebacker Dennis Gable from Duke University Don’t get caught up in what he’s not. He’s not bulky, needs more power, and he’ll have a rough time when blocked, but try watching the tapes of his games and find a key defensive play he didn’t make. He’s a good enough athlete, he’s a tough leader, and he’s a baller who’ll put up big numbers no matter what.

Twelfth Round Draft Defensive End Steven Barker from Tulane Steven is a terrific athlete with the versatility and toughness to work in just about any system. He’s what coaches want – he’ll do whatever it takes to be a dominant defensive factor.

Thirteen Round Draft Pick Cornerback Kevin Short from Nevada-Las Vegas Kevin plays with an attitude. An eventual leader of a secondary, he’s got all the intangibles and he’s always doing everything right.

Fourteen Round Draft Pick Cornerback Homer Vu Homer from North Carolina is putting his life back together and is looking for another shot at the NFL. He is a special athlete, he’s got special tools and upside. He can’t really hit, but he has too many positives not to be an picked as a corner of a ball-hawking safety.

Fifteenth Round Pick Guard/Center Mark Ayala from Georga Mark played well overall in 2016. He is a technician at an offensive lineman who is well-balanced as a run blocker and pass protector. Mark did a nice job of opening holes at the point of attack and was reliable with giving his quarterback time. Mark isn't a bulldozing interior offensive lineman, but he fires to the second level to hit blocks while being effective on double teams.

Sixteen Round Pick and final pick of day 3 Tackle/Guard Dominic Clark from Auburn. Dominic was a solid offensive lineman for the Tigers the past few seasons and turned in a quality senior year at right tackle. Auburn fielded a superb offense with a dynamic aerial attack for a few years, and Dominic's pass protection contributed to that.

Well, that rounds up the first 3 days of the draft. Not sure if I will do any more analysis of the Marauders with work and getting home later. Maybe I will just do key players that I am kind of excited about.

Thanks for you reading my random thoughts :)
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Re: Reno Marauders

By Otterpop
7/24/2017 10:26 pm
Reno Marauders Training Camp 2017 is upon us, and all the players have arrived in Lake Tahoe, California, to participate in the team’s first training camp. Tuesday afternoon, all the recent drafted and free agent signees all touched down at the team’s Lake Tahoe Training Complex for the teams first ever training session.

Under the sun and clear blue skies of beautiful Lake Tahoe, players laced up their cleats and stepped onto the freshly-cut field for some conditioning; which will be followed up by on-field drills later in the day. the Marauders will ramp up their preparation for the preseason, and ultimately the 2017 regular season campaign.

The team has garnered a lot of attention recently, due to several offseason acquisitions, and a young core ready to compete for shot at the postseason. While a lot of eyes around the EFL universe are honed in on the Marauders, Head Coach Mark Hoss is making sure the team tunes out all the noise and comes in ready to work and knock some heads.

Come out and watch the team strap the pads on, as the Marauders get ready for the augural season. It promises to be a great one.