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Crusaders Name Changes

By raidergreg69
11/09/2017 7:15 pm
I usually change the names of my rookies to make it easier to remember as they flow through the league. I usually have some kind of theme, relating to TV characters, musicians, famous people from Dayton, etc. Had a difficult time figuring out this team's theme, so I went with some TV detectives.

Pick 1.24 - Jim Rockford (FS) He was originally going to be Thomas Magnum but that name was rejected by the name machine. Rockford was portrayed by Raiders fan James Garner and that's good enough for me to name my first pick after him.

Pick 2.24 - Victor Mackey (RDE) From the streets of L.A. and The Shield, I'm hoping Mackey is as ruthless with opposing QB's as he was dealing with gang members and anyone messing with the money train.

Pick 3.24 - Adrian Monk (WLB) I'm hoping one of his OCD quirks is he has to knock down any football in the air he can reach and knocking ball carriers on their butts.

Pick 4.24 - Sonny Crockett (TE) I'm hoping Crockett can make as big a splash on the MFN stage as he did in the 80's while on Miami Vice. At the least, we know he will dress well on the team flights.

Pick 5.24 - Shawn Spencer (FS) On Psych he is an undisciplined jackass who somehow gets the job done in the end, after screwing things up for the better part of the show. He shows a lack of discipline in MFN too, though hopefully we won't have the screwing up most of the time part and he can just get the job done.

Pick 6.24 - Horacio Caine Maybe if David Caruso stuck with NYPD Blue, I wouldn't have to misspell Horatio because our name machine only uses Horacio. Much like his NYPD Blue career, I expect his tenure with California to be short, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Pick 7.24 was Joan Johnson who had his contract voided post draft. Didn't stick around long enough to get a new name.

Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By Mcarovil
11/10/2017 9:23 pm
That's awesome. Good work.

Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By MoonPygg
11/14/2017 2:35 pm

Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By raidergreg69
1/12/2018 3:23 am
2019 Name Changes

This time I brought back names of musicians/singers I used previously on teams I no longer run.

Pick 1.22 SS Lane Staley I can't use his spelling (Layne) but he is named for the former singer of Alice In Chains. Originally used this name for Arizona in MFN 70. https://mfn70.myfootballnow.com/player/5204

Pick 2.21 WR Rob Halford Judas Priest is an awesome band imo and for Arizona MFN 70, I did a whole Judas Priest draft. Halford was one of the best WR in that league, but that version was a top 10 pick not a 2nd rounder. https://mfn70.myfootballnow.com/player/4172

Pick 3.22 WLB Stephen Pearcy Yet another rocker from Arizona-70. That version ended up getting cut due to depth/needs at other positions but now starts for Dallas there. Pearcy was the singer of RATT back in the day, and they have broken up/reformed several times since. Last I heard, they are a band again and planning a tour. https://mfn70.myfootballnow.com/player/5110

Pick 4.21 DT Vincent Paul Vinny Paul was a founding member of Pantera and currently drums for Hellyeah. I haven't actually used this name before, but his name popped up googling fattest heave metal musicians, he is a DT after all.

Pick 5.22 K Ian Hill Another name previously used for Arizona-70, Hill is the bassist for Judas Priest and is known for staying in the background away from the spotlight, hence using him as a kicker. If this version ends up as good as the MFN 70 version, I'll be happy. That version sat on my bench for a majority of his rookie season, inactive, waiting on the old guy kicker's contract to expire and it was worth it. https://mfn70.myfootballnow.com/player/4292

My last 2 picks had their contracts voided as I was over the 60 player limit, and they were longshots at best to stick on the roster.

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Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By raidergreg69
1/30/2018 7:48 pm
I didn't/couldn't change this name but I just signed the lead singer of Korn, Jonathan Davis.

Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By raidergreg69
3/18/2018 6:20 pm
Time for 2020 name changes and this year it's all about an old movie and an old sitcom.

Pick 1.18 WR Parker Lewis I've used the Parker Lewis names in MFN 65 but I gave that team up and I think the league was recently deleted for lack of owners. Anyway he can't lose so I have that going for me.


Pick 2.18 CB Larry Kubiak Kubiak has the size of a DE irl but in MFN 65 I used this name on a CB who turned out to be pretty good so why mess with the name mojo.


Pick 3.18 RDE Buddy Revell Three O'Clock High is one of my favorite movies and bad boy Buddy Revell was the villain of the movie.


pick 4.18 TE Craig Mattey Mattey was also a character in the movie whom Jerry Mitchell paid to save him from Buddy Revell. It didn't go so well for Craig.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPAmVe9gKKk This link is where Craig Mattey gets his face broken by Buddy Revell.

Pick 5.18 K Jerry Mitchell I tend to name my kickers after nerdy characters or bass players like Eric Forman from That 70's Show or Ian Hill, bassist for the best band ever Judas Priest. Jerry Mitchell is no exception except by the end of the movie, he's a hero.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfcrjN37e04 Official movie trailer

Pick 6.18 LDE Jerry Steiner Back to Parker Lewis and his 2 sidekicks. Jerry Steiner was the nerdy sidekick.

Pick 7.18 RG Mike Randall Mikey was Parker's best friend on the show.

Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By raidergreg69
5/24/2018 3:40 pm
Crusaders 2021 Rookie Class

Pick 1.15 FS Don Dokken Our first round pick will be thrown "Into the Fire" right away as he is slated to be our starting FS. We hope he doesn't find himself "Alone Again" in M2M coverage and that he will fight "Tooth and Nail" to earn that starting spot. Upon being reached by Crusaders staff informing him of being drafted, he simply said "You Just Got Lucky".


Pick 1.31 WLB Eric Kartman The South Park butterball got in shape and is now a WLB, and he has an attitude because the MFN league office made him change the spelling of his last name (actually it's just the name machine doesn't allow Cartman). Crusaders management hope his Cheesy Poof addiction is behind him and he will prove worthy of his draft status.


Pick 2.14 LG Bart Colon I like to name my OL after fat people, and if I could, I would have used his full name, Bartolo Colon. You gotta love a 40 something 300lb guy still playing MLB and the way his stomach absorbed a comebacker earlier this year, he can certainly absorb DL pressure.


Pick 3.13 SS Bruce Dickinson The Iron Maiden singer will try his hand at American Football, just because. Dickinson is a man of many talents, he is a licensed pilot and he flies Maiden around the world when they tour. He also has a history degree, and is an avid fencer and footballer (the English kind, you know...soccer).


Pick 4.15 FS Kenny McCormick South Park's most famous poor person, the death-defying McCormick will attempt to make the Crusaders as a DB. With 94 volatility, we're either gonna be happy or we'll have to be bastards and kill him, I mean cut him.


Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By raidergreg69
9/25/2018 2:16 pm
Fell behind profiling my various MFN draft classes, so now seems a good time to catch up.

Crusaders 2022 Draft Class

Pick 1.18 WR Duncan Meyer Nice pick as he's emerged as my WR 1. Named after this guy...


Pick 4.17 RDE Mickey Abbott He's turning into a decent pass rusher off the bench.


Pick 5.18 SLB Tobias Nagy He busted hard and was cut.


Pick 6.17 TE Hal Kitzmiller Mr. Lumbar Yard turned into a serviceable TE.


Pick 7.18 LDE Sid Farkus I'm finding some of my 7th round picks are increasing their ratings but not by enough to keep them on the roster.


Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By OffensiveTaco
11/10/2018 11:50 pm
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Re: Crusaders Name Changes

By raidergreg69
12/11/2018 12:00 pm
Geez, I'm 2 drafts behind on this so here goes 2023 first. These drafts are about nothing...(Seinfeld reference)

2023 Crusaders Rookies

Pick 1.21 DT Franklin Romanowski Kramer's "friend" whom he nailed with a snowball in the backwards episode that wished he would drop dead.


Pick 2.22 DT George Costanza He's one of the 4 main characters, 'nuff said.


Pick 3.21 RB John Germaine He was one of Elaine's boyfriends, the saxophone player who wouldn't do everything, sexually, until the night a record executive was going to watch him play. He couldn't play well due to expanding his repertoire with Elaine, getting all Hot and Heavy.


Pick 4.22 LDE Cosmo Kramer Kramer was cut and signed by the Glendora Dragons, so I'm on his bad side, and you don't wanna be on Kramer's bad side. Sorry, but I went heavy on DL this draft and just couldn't keep him.


Pick 5.21 FS Owen March Another draftee that's playing somewhere else. He is with the Mt. Washington Coyotes now after surviving a stroke in Jerry Seinfeld's apartment. In the show, Owen March is probably Elaine's oldest boyfriend and he's lucky to survive the stroke as George Costanza wrecked a car while trying to park cars on the street. That, combined with a Woody Allen movie filming in the same block delayed paramedics.


Pick 6.22 FS Fred Yerkes Yerkes is a free agent since being cut last season. He played a creepy dude on Seinfeld.


Pick 7.21 WR Michael Barth Barth didn't play much as a rookie, getting just 15 catches but 3 were for TD's. In Seinfeld, Barth was the "actor" portraying George Costanza in the pilot for "Jerry".


Rookie Free Agents

Pick 2.31 by Salem Witches RB Jerry Seinfeld I took a chance on Seinfeld after the Witches cut him and he busted, losing 6 ratings points. He is currently our RB 3.


Undrafted FA K Lloyd Braun Braun only made 70% of his FGA last season, leading me to scream "Serenity Now!" at the top of my lungs too many times. He also missed 6 XP, so I need to see what the problem is.