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Re: Stripes Conference Div winners & wild cards

By GrandadB - League Admin
2/26/2018 3:38 am
Stripes Conference

The hated Dragons won their division for 3rd straight with a league best tied record of 15-1. The Dragons won the first Super Bowl but were knocked out early in the playoffs last season by Ray Matty's Geechee, think is was an upset, lol. The Dragons did not make much noise in FA signings this season, no players of note or statistical standing were added, other than LB Ulysses Poon, who turned out to be a good snatch in FA2. 1st round pick (1.27) DT Robert Baldwin had a good first season at DT2, but will be out for the playoffs with a leg injury. MLB Mike McCarty led the defense, racking up 102 tackles and the most sacks in the league by a LB with 19 (2nd was 11!), DE Walter "Ringda" Bell had 14 sacks. CB Richard "Old" Spicer tied for 2nd in the league for interceptions with 8. The QB tandem of Thomas and Anderson both posted 98 ratings. All Pro WR Tony McMullen had another strong season with over 1500 yds, 21 yd per catch avg. and 13 TDs. WR2, Roger "Hot" Damron had his best season to date, with 1175 yds, 20 yd avg, and 11 TDs. Will see if the dreaded Dragons can breath fire and make it back to the Super Bowl, but I wouldnt bet on em.

A "Good Going" for JakeAttack and his Disney Diamonds who finished second the Knoll Division with a 7-9 record. They were 3-13 under Shifty the previous season. Great job on more than doubling their win total Jake!

The LC Rancho Cuke Cobras look like they are favorites to go again, tying for best record in the league at 15-1. mwd has done a great job with this team, led by QB Greg Bernard, who had a 114.4 QB rating this season and threw 48 TD passes. RB1 James Reyes had a solid season toting the rock for 1125 yds, 4.9 avg, and 7 TDs. RB3, Willy "Beans" Bush gained 945 yds (4th most) with a 6.8 avg!!(1st)) and 8 TDs!!tied for 2nd most in the league! Kevin Jordan, WR1, does not have great speed (64), but he makes up for it with 100 in rec skills & 80 courage. He had 110 catches for 1888 yds & 12 TDs to rank in the top 6 for WRs. WR3 Gerald Eugene had a 1001 yd season with 11 TDs. All Pro DE Todd "Terrible" Taber is again one of the league sack leaders with 22 to go along with 73 hurries. The Cobras have great corners in Alexis "Fitz" Fitzgerald and Mark Bain, both had 6 interceptions. The Cobras will be extremely tough to "de-throne".

Gridiron did a fine job with the Coos Bay Red Rocks, finishing 2nd to the Cobras in the Landry Divison with a 10-6 record, and gave the hated Dragons their lone defeat. The former owner was a good one, Pernbronze, but the team never did better than 8-8 both seasons. The Rocks did not have a draft pick till the 5th round, so it's a pretty sure thing that they are looking forward to this years draft. Gridiron did not do much roster change, if any, after taking the team, so the improvement is more based on better gameplanning and play selection. Their QB, Brian Armstrong, posted a solid 94 rating and threw 30 TD passes. RB1 Allen Morrow gained 817 yds with a 4.6 avg and 8 TDs. RB2 Brenton Hackett was very effective with a 6.1 avg, 75 longest, and 5 TDs, they make a very good tandem at RB, both with 90+ speed. The defense is led by DT Thomas "Mean" Green, getting 8 sacks & 36 hurries this season. Watch out for the Rocks as a Wild Card!

coachgdub brought the Canton Crush back from the dead this season, winning the Parcells Division with a 10-6 record following a 3-13 record last season. Wow, what a turnaround, great job coach! The Crush offense is led by WR1 John "Woo Hoo" Hewett, who gained over 1300 yds on 87 rec's and scored 8 TDs. The defense comes at you up the middle, with DTs Matt Boyce and Roberto "Fly" Ash getting 12 & 10 sacks this season along with a combined 98 hurries! Rookie CB1 Adam Handy (2.15 pick) had a solid first season, getting 26 knock downs, allowing 43% catches, and getting 2 picks.

Cudos to CooterBrown who improved the Wild by 3 wins, finishing 2nd in the Parcells at 8-8. Cooter is an excellent manager, so watch out for the Wild next season.

Ray Matty's Charleston Geechee repeated as the division winner in the Gibbs with an 11-6 record. Their offense is led by All Pro RB1 Ronald "Ticket" Booth, who gained 1,093 with a very good 5.9 per carry avg & 9 TDs, their RB2 Jason "Tombstone" Jackson also averaged over 5 yard a carry. WR1 Ike Koehler and WR2 Andrew "Jesse" James both had over 1000 yd seasons and combined for 23 TDs, they are as good a duo as any other in the league.
Ray's Geechee have the best DE tandem in the league, DE's Alan "Spaceman" Cooper and Kenneth "Leapin" Lino combined for 45 Sacks!! and 135 hurries!! Your QB is not going to sleep well the night before you play these guys. DT Michael Ruiz is also a sack leader with 18!! This D line is about as good as Ive seen statistically. DT2 Silas "Marner" Monroe has 12 sacks and MLB Arthur Carroll has 11. Your OL better be in tip top shape and fired up when they play the Geechee.

Dash did an outstanding job with the SD Riptide this season, turning the team around from a 4 win season to 11-5, tied with the Geechee for the Gibbs Division. Dash was workin pretty hard when you review the transactions for this season starting with Free Agency 1. The big one in FA was CB2 Carlton "Free" Wallace, who had 62 tackles, allowed 44% catches off 133 thrown ats, 26 KnkDns, and had 4 ints. 1.13 pick Earl Daub had a fine rookie season at CB3. Again, another example of why its a good idea to draft secondary, wide receivers, and DL in the first round. The Riptide offense is led by QB Jose Englehardt, who's family history goes all the way back to when Germany sent troops to Mexico in WW1. Englehardt is a rising star QB and will continue to post stronger stats if the Riptide keeps improving like they did this season, he threw for over 6000 yds & 46 TDs, but took a terrible beating with 92 sacks!! On defense, the Riptide are led by DE David "TV" Cable, who had 15 sacks & 48 hurries, DT Brian Werner with 12 sacks/34 hurries, and CB Raymond "Hitman" Harris who picked off 6 passes and had an outstanding catch alld% of 37.7 Congrats on the substantial improvement this season, Dash, very proud of this league and the efforts of the owners like you who invest the time and effort to make their teams more competitive and participate in the forum.
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Re: Stripes Conference Div winners & wild cards

By raymattison21
2/26/2018 6:39 am
Kenneth "leapin" Lino recorded a 37 inch vertical two combines ago to earn his nickname. Very impressive for 276 pound lineman . This explosion has helped him blast past olinemen on his way to terrorizing the leagues qbs.

Re: Stripes Conference Div winners & wild cards

By CooterBrown
2/26/2018 1:34 pm
Thanks for the cudos, GdB! Not sure they are that deserved. Yeah, we went .500 on the year and might even been in the hunt for the division title if we hadn't squandered one those early season matchups against the Crush. But this roster has a ton of holes. Was playing lots of guys out of position, trying to get them some experience and depth. And when our 1st rounder Woodring declined in skills, it really left us with no real stars at any skill positions. So, it's back to the drawing board and try again next season.
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Re: Stripes Conference Div winners & wild cards

By coachgdub
2/26/2018 11:00 pm
Great read; reminds me of the good ole' newspaper days.

Really enjoyed reading about both conferences.

Thank you