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Opening day 2019!

By Mcarovil
1/21/2018 6:34 pm
We are soooo gonna win a few games this season!

Re: Opening day 2019!

By CooterBrown
1/21/2018 7:18 pm
Best of luck to everyone here in the EFL on the upcoming season.

Re: Opening day 2019!

By raidergreg69
1/21/2018 7:45 pm
Nothing like starting off vs the Champs, geez.

Re: Opening day 2019!

By GrandadB - League Admin
1/22/2018 1:19 pm
This is the kind of league that makes MFN more fun & enjoyable. Thanks to the owners that held on to their teams and actively managed them, and continued to improve them. Thanks to our new owners that picked up the teams last season and at the start of the new one. Looking forward to a competitive and interesting season with you all, cheers! gdb