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Re: 2019 Free Agency

By Pernbronze
1/04/2018 12:01 am
I got 1 guy lol. I don't think I'll be any threat this season.

Re: 2019 Free Agency

By raidergreg69
1/04/2018 7:15 am
GrandadB wrote:
Signed 12 today, think that's the most Ive ever done on one FA day. Some were low raters that my weights had higher, so guess they werent on anyones radar. And I had to re-sign Ulysses Poon, he actually played real well for me but I orginally got him for his name, and he had speed. lol.

Ulysses Poon is almost as funny as Jewell Sack lol. I forget which league of mine Mr. Sack is in but he's here somewhere.

Re: 2019 Free Agency

By raidergreg69
1/04/2018 7:16 am
Found him https://mfn85.myfootballnow.com/player/506

Re: 2019 Free Agency

By raidergreg69
1/04/2018 7:56 am
Like most, I tried to sign some DB's but the one I offered the biggest contract to had offers from half the league. I wasn't happy with last season's LB play for the most part and to make matters worse, the best LB I had retired. That's why I signed 3 of them.

LB Overview Position of great need for me. My winning bids were significantly higher than 2nd place. I missed out on Herbert Rubin but still came away with 3 starters.

DB Overview Made offers to 4 DB's and got outbid on all. It's a position I always look to upgrade no matter what. I guess I was worried about overspending, hindsight says I shouldn't have been.

Skill Positions Overview I wasn't too worried about these positions, though I did try to sign RB Joe Harshbarger, WR Jeffrey Brent, and TE Stanley Garcia. Harshbarger and Brent had 12 offers each, and I wasn't close. Wasn't close on Garcia either but that's OK. I can get by with what I have, these guys would have been luxuries for me. I also wouldn't mind getting a young QB as 2 of my 3 are 10+ yr vets but the available ones either weren't good enough or would command starter money. I like Alford despite being in his 11th year. He isn't close to considering retirement so maybe next offseason.

DL and Special Teams No activity

OL Overview My line was old and thin and I needed depth. I signed 2 of 4, though I didn't make a serious offer to bring back Negrin. He's good but at 30% retirement, there is going to be a huge cap hit in the very near future that I wasn't willing to take. I overpaid for the 2 I did sign and that's OK.

Unsure what I'll try for in round 3, just getting around to checking what's left.