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Re: First 1/3 of season review

By GrandadB - League Admin
11/30/2017 4:47 pm
We are six games into the season and the EFL is going good! We have lost one owner, Portland is now available and will try to get that filled right away. Thanks to all the new owners who came in this season and turned the league around, it has become one of my favorites.


Tough battle going on the Halas Division with 3 teams at 4-2. Good job by abross turning the 4-12 Kings into contending for the Division lead, very well done! Otterpop is a strong MFN competitor and has the Marauders in the hunt, tied for the div lead. kicker10 has the Wampas right in there also,they were last season's div winner with 11 wins. brendosault/Spartans are struggling, as they did last season when they only had one win. It shouldnt be long before they get rolling with strong draft picks in two consecutive seasons.

The always-contending eyeball and poppyoo are leading the Brown Division with 5-1 records. They both contended last season with the Maine Event winning it. poppy took over the Snatches after drogers and is "popping" it. The Americans/hitman have the 2nd best defense in the conference, but the offense has been struggling, watch out for that team if the offense starts to roll. jlyman is doing a fine job with the Islanders since taking them over after the season started, well done!

The Witches/Crazy Razor are at the top of the Shula Div at 5-1 with a 2 game lead over the Bennington Bulldogs/trslick. Crazy is a winner and has strong experience and so is trslick. Expect that race to tighten up but will have to wait and see. The Witches won the division with 13 wins last season. The Bulldogs have improved a lot after a 5 win season, well done trs! wolfie is working hard on the Twisters and btglaw has had a rough go so far with the Phantoms, who finished 2nd in the division last season, but I expect that to change as btglaw has successful experience and knows how to turn a team around.

Awesome performance from the Talons/straw in the Walsh Div so far, they are scary good! Your secondary better be in top form when you face the Talons. They are the only undefeated team left in the league after 6 games, terrific job straw! The Talons have sethericks Misfits following them, 2 games behind. setherick is one of the most, if not the most knowledgeable person in this game, and a great asset to have in our league, always willing to share his knowledge and opinion on both player evaluations and strategy/gameplanning. He has done a great job turning the Misfits around, who were also a 5 game winner last season finishing last in the Walsh. It's great to have MoonPygg join us and run Star City Dinosaurs. Moon is a great guy and is working on that roster and we will prob see them improve before the half-way mark. Mcarovil took over a tough roster project with the Burn and you can bet he will be in the mix for the playoffs within a season or two, the Boise Burn will rise. Great having you in the league Mac!


Baby Huey has done an outstanding job with the Bandits, who took the division lead from yours truly and last years LC Dragons. They are a solid team and a LC contender now, super job BH! Looks like it will be a battle for the Knoll Div crown this season, the Dragons will be looking ahead to the re-match. The Wallabies are in good hands with Saburz, and he is another strong, experienced player that is an asset to have in the league. They will be continually improving. The Disney Diamonds are struggling, but 4020 will be improving that team roster and getting them in the hunt in the near future.

mwd65 has the RC Cobras leading the tough Landry Div at 5-1, congrats! Its going to be a battle in that division with raidergreg's Crusaders and pernbronze's Red Rocks, both very good MFNer's in a short period of time. Portland is looking for a new owner, so put the word out, I will be contacting a few to see they are interested.

The HeftyBuffalo are leading the Parcells Div with a 3-3 record so far, well done texmexking! They are followed by dangit's Stampede and kenchi's Crush. Should be a tight race and exciting to the finish. And dont count BenmJordan's Wild out, they can be right back in it, like the Chargers did this season! (sorry, am a longtime Chargers fan, my fav player was on that team, and they also invited me to tryout back in the mid-70's, along with 90 other WR's, lol).

The Gibbs Div is lead by the very tough Southern Tradition. That team had a good an allocation draft as any in the league. hkp has them rolling along with a 5-1 record. ray matty's Geechee are on their heels at 4-2, great job ray! you are another owner that is always good to have in a league. Dash has taken on the Riptide as a rebuild project and you can bet he will do so, they will be continually improving. casualcnote was a great add to our league, very experienced and has won a lot in MFN, and the Coyotes will be a team to watch as they improve under his ownership.

So, thats the round-up for the first six games of our season. Love this league and am happy to see it grow and turn into a fun experience for all after the craziness from the first season. Best of luck to everyone for the rest of the season, please post and be involved, that's what makes it more fun and interesting. cheers! gdb

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Re: First 1/3 of season review

By eyeballll
11/30/2017 5:59 pm
Thanks for this, Grandad! You've done a great job of turning this league around, after its dubious first season...

Re: First 1/3 of season review

By kicker10bog
11/30/2017 6:56 pm
Indeed, good work, GDB!

Re: First 1/3 of season review

By GrandadB - League Admin
12/01/2017 2:58 am
Thanks guys, it takes us all to make a league fun, thats for sure. Sad to say that we lost MoonPygg, he is still learning the game and needed to trim things back a bit and go slower. He was not ready to do a full turn around and roster revamp. So we have the Star City P's available,they are a good team to start with, and will be also be looking for a new owner for the Spartans. Hopefully we can get those two teams squared away soon. If you know anyone who might be interested, give them a heads up. JDOM did a fine job picking up the Thunder and turning them around right away, great first win. Keep an eye on that team. cheers! gdb
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