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Re: 2017 EFL All Pro Team

By GrandadB - League Admin
11/13/2017 5:22 pm
2017 EFL All Pro Team


QB1 - Peter Greene, SF Tradition

QB2 - Fred Griffiths, Maine Event

RB1- Thomas Greene, Maine Event

RB2- Jorge Nelson, Natch Snappers

WR1- Anthony McMullen, Glendora Dragons

WR2- Miguel Wax, Natch Snappers

WR3- Victor Paz, PC Phantoms

TE- Richard Harper, Salem Witches

FB- Jeffrey Crawford, Cal Crusaders

LT- Lloyd Galindo, PC Phantoms

LG- Eric Woods, Aspen Wampas

C- Randy Davis, Reno Marauders

RG- David Freeman, SF Tradition

RT- Joshua Grimes, Glen Dragons


LDE- Curtis Fowler, Ark Twisters

DT1- Robert Wolfgram, Ben Bulldogs

DT2- Joan Keller, Salem Witches

RDE- Bobby Curry, Cal Crusaders (Sack Leader, 33)

MLB- Wesley Mixon, St Louis Stampede

WLB- William Fox, Coos Bay Red Rocks

SLB- Clinton Hayes, Lyon Kings

CB1- Alfred Hines, Maine Event

CB2- Luke Doyle, Salem Witches

CB3- Brian Dobbins, Ben Bulldogs

SS- Troy Goff, Char Geechee

FS- Alexis Fitzgerald, Rancho C Cobras

K- Christopher Wilson, Portland Thunder

P- Joe Maldonado, Reno Marauders

Note: These selections were based on review of stats and its possible, especially on OL, that there may be a player with a better statistical performance. So, if it matters to you and you have a player that you think should be considered for "All Pro", please post them or send me a pm on it. Congrats to the teams/owners with the All Pros for 2017.
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