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By ctiger77
5/25/2022 6:49 am
How can Perth get the last playoff spot over me(Mt. Washington) we both are 10&6, 8&4 conference and I beat him to give me head to head?

Re: Playoff

By Phaldun
5/27/2022 11:46 am
Im sure Gramps will be able to tell ya. I am suprised we made the wildcard at 8-8. Its gotta be a logistical thing where we, and perhaps Perth, got some help from other teams winning, and others losing.

Re: Playoff

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/30/2022 7:38 am
GG Red/Rips, our pass def was shaky in the first, then tightened up, fortunately for us.

RE PO Wallys/Coyotes, after Conf record, I guess they go by Div record. But should have been on H2H games, and the Coyotes won the last game vs the Wallys.