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New Trade Rule

By GrandadB - League Admin
3/02/2022 9:32 am
As a result of recent trades that took place in another league that I admin, I will be instituting a new rule that will include a moratorium trading period for new owners. I will update "Trading 101" and put in PM to every new owner. Trading does not just affect the new team owner, it also affects the "balance of power" in the league.

Some or all of these trades are a result of the new owner not being fully aware of their options to address a salary cap problem, which is the usual situation if the Ai has managed the team, especially with one or more end of season sims. The sal cap problem usually causes a panic and urge to remedy by letting high salaried players go, including young players that were high first round picks. Having good player weights and player evaluation is key to fixing a roster that has a salary cap problem.

For now, the moratorium will include the entire off season period and up until the last pre-season game. There will also be an additional wait period for the top 4 teams from the previous season, till after the 2nd game of regular season has been played. I will be giving new owners guidelines as to how to fix their salary cap problem without having to trade away first round level/value players