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Maybe throw a season?

By Phaldun
11/22/2021 3:11 pm
Dammit! Seems like the only way to get good players from the draft is to have a bad season before. I have never been a fan of that.....but maybe I should try it.

Re: Maybe throw a season?

By Redneckgopher
11/22/2021 6:29 pm
some drafts seem deep and others are terrible. including the variance of vol at the top ranked players. again some drafts have uber talent at low vol and others have decent studs but all at high boom/bust which is exactly not what you need if your team is struggling and hence has a top pick to begin with.
I just wish there was some consistency to it

Re: Maybe throw a season?

By andrewjolson71
11/25/2021 2:35 pm
Outside of a pretty deep DB class, this draft just didn't have much top end talent at all IMO.