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Gentlemen, it has been an honor

By RedNU
8/27/2021 1:45 am
This is, by far, the best league on MFN that I have been a part of and it was great to share it with so many of you for so many seasons. Hopefully I am leaving the Wallabies in great shape for whomever comes after me (they'll have to figure out if they want to resign Hertz at QB or go with one of the two younger guys that I have waiting in the bullpen, but other than that I'll make the obvious long-term signings of youngsters...the club is in good financial shape IMO).

Thanks for all the fun and for helping both myself and Mrs. Red retain our sanity during COVID. It was a blast and I'm sorry time and chaos from life got in the way there. I wish you all the absolute best (those with lifetime winning records against me maybe a little less best than for those who let me beat up on them all these years... ;) ).

Be safe and be well!